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02/18/2021: REMSIS Transfer of ePCR Information

02/10/2021: 2021 APOD Education Module Information

02/01/2021: Spring 2021 PUC Presentation under Information

02/01/2021: Spring 2021 STEMI and Stroke Presentation under Information

09/11/2020: Fall 2020 PUC Presentation under Information

02/28/2020: Spring 2020 PUC Presentation under Information

08/19/2019: King Airway in OHCA video from Dr. Vaezazizi under Information

04/01/2019: Education Resources for Spring 2019 Protocol Updates under Information

9/22/2018: Education Resources for Fall 2018 Protocol Updates under Information

8/9/2018: Please see the educational update for TXA under Information

2/27/2017: ImageTrend ReportWriter Webinar from January 2017 has been added below. Information

1/13/2016: Protocol Update Presentations have been added below under Information

7/9/2015: The TXA presentation and policy has been updated. They are linked below in the Information for the TXA Study in Riverside County.

4/15/2015: Please see the video and presentation under Information for the TXA Study in Riverside County.

1/5/2015: Please see the four modules posted below in Information that cover new changes to the training protocols for Riverside County.


2021 Spring PUC Presentation (YouTube link)
2021 Spring PUC Presentation (Downloadable Video)
2021 Spring PUC Presentation (LMS Folder Download)
2021 Spring PUC Presentation (Printable Handout)

2021 Spring STEMI Presentation (YouTube link)
2021 Spring STEMI Presentation (Downloadable Video)
2021 Spring STEMI Presentation (LMS Folder Download)

2021 Spring Stroke Presentation (YouTube link)
2021 Spring Stroke Presentation (Downloadable Video)
2021 Spring Stroke Presentation (LMS Folder Download)

2021 APOD Education Module (Downloadable Video)
2021 APOD Education Module (LMS Folder Download)

REMSIS Transfer of ePCR (Downloadable Video)
REMSIS Transfer of ePCR (LMS Folder Download)
REMSIS Transfer of ePCR (Printable Handout)

2020 Fall PUC Presentation

2020 Spring PUC Presentation

King Airway in OHCA: From the JumpSeat Episode 1 with Dr. Vaezazizi and guest Dr. Dukes (YouTube link) Spring Protocol Update 2019
Fall Protocol Update 2018
TXA LOSOP Educational Update
ImageTrend ReportWriter Webinar for Riverside County, January 2017 (YouTube link)
2016 PUC Training on Mechanical Circulatory Support
2016 Protocol Update on POLST and TXA
2016 Stroke Update
CE Workshop after Sept. PMAC: MCS Presentation (Mechanical Circulatory Support)
CE Workshop after Sept. PMAC: Updated VAD Guidelines and MCS Guidelines

TXA Information Update: July Presentation - Please see this TXA Update presentation for educational information beyond the original presentation.
TXA Information: Presentation - Please see the original presentation (left), video and policy below for the Tranexamic Acid Trial Study.
TXA Video on YouTube
TXA Video (outside of YouTube) - after clicking this link, Firefox Users: right-click/off-click on the video in the frame to the right should enable saving/downloading of this file. Internet Explorer users: right-click on the link and select "Save target as" to enable saving it to your computer. Please contact the EMS Agency if further assistance is needed.
Protocol 5801: Trial Study, Tranexamic Acid (updated 6/25/15)

Cervical Spine Stabilization - For our 2015 Protocol Updates we are adjusting the approach to spinal stabilization and focusing on cervical spine stabilization. The presentation should be used in context with policy review. Current literature, position statements and research are discussed. This update focuses on 1 of the 4 modules for the 2015 education update.

SIRS, Sepsis and Septic Shock - Included in our 2015 Protocol Updates is an educational focus on the EMS recognition of Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (SIRS), sepsis and septic shock. With new initiatives surrounding Early Goal Directed Therapy, and an added awareness at the hospital level we are looking to advance SIRS and sepsis care at the prehospital level. This presentation is module 2 of 4 for the 2015 protocol update.

CPR Module and Optimal Pit Crew Procedure Diagram - In the 2015 Protocol Update process we are modifying our approach to cardiac arrest management. This will include changes in how we assess for determination of death and transport during cardiac arrest, as well as changes in the team approach used to manage cardiac arrest. We will begin implementing the Pit Crew model for CPR, and focus on improving patient survivability with a Cerebral Performance Score of 1 or 2. This presentation covers the CPC score, Pit Crew model and pathophysiology of cardiac arrest. This is module 3 of 4 for the 2015 protocol update.

Needle Chest Decompression - Our last module of the 2015 protocol updates focuses on changes to the Needle Thoracostomy Performance Standard. We have renamed the standard to be titled Needle Chest Decompression, and the sites for insertion as well as indications have been adapted to current research and EMS system needs. This is module 4 of 4.


2015 Year-End CE Stats Submission Form
CE Provider Application Form
CE Provider Agreement
EMS Training Application Form
EMS Field Provider Form
Hospital Affiliation Form
Principal Instructor Form
Teaching Assistant Form
Notification of Proposed EMS Course Form
Training Program Unusual Occurrence Agreement
Program Information Change Form

Regulations and Applicable Policies
Title 22, Chapter 2, EMT Training Programs
Title 22, Chapter 4, Paramedic Training Programs
Title 22, Chapter 11, EMS Continuing Education

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